5 Terrifyingly Real Exorcism Stories

Sure we’ve seen it in movies, but nothing quite gets under your skin as knowing it really happened.


Check out these real-life stories of the most bone-chilling exorcisms of all time.


Anneliese Michel

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Anneliese struggled with mental illness at a young age. Diagnosed with epileptic psychosis, she often experienced visual and auditory hallucinations, for which she was hospitalized. With time, her symptoms intensified, growing to include an aversion towards religious iconography and drinking her own urine.

Her story eventually went on to inspire the 2005 film The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Anna Euckland

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Anna’s possession was reportedly the result of witchcraft practiced by her father and aunt. She was said to speak in tongues, levitate and cling to bedroom walls, become sexually vile and intolerant towards religious artifacts.


Following a successful exorcism, Anna was yet again possessed when her folks begged Satan for it.

Roland Doe

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The true inspiration behind the film The Exorcist, Roland was a boy who turned to a spirit board to reach out to his beloved dead aunt. But instead of contacting her, Roland invited something much more sinister.


Around 30 exorcisms were carried out on Roland in the psychiatric wing of a city hospital, with the final exorcism involving a sulfuric odor looming in the air. Animalistic behavior, messages etched on his skin, strange voices, and body contortions were also noted in one priest’s diary before Roland was eventually freed of the malicious spirit with no memory of the incident.


Clara Germana Cele

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Clara was a South African 16-year-old student who was allegedly possessed after making a pact with the Devil. Witnesses claimed that the young girl developed a strong aversion to holy objects, tore at her clothes, talked to invisible entities, and growled like an animal. Hysteria grew as she levitated five feet off the ground, exhibited superhuman strength, knocked out bibles, and tried to strangle a priest with his own stole.


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Documented in 2008 by New York psychiatrist Dr. Richard E. Gallagher, the case chronicles the story of his patient who he deemed to be possessed.

During Julia’s exorcisms, the room would rise to excruciatingly hot temperatures. She fell into trances, relaying information about people around her that were impossible for her to know about. Objects floated in the air, and sometimes Julia herself would levitate. Upon waking up, she would have no memory of the events that took place. 


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