Are You The Type to be Possessed?

Demons roam the earth in search of hosts -- bodies that they can take over in order to carry out their diabolical plans. Are you the type to be more likely possessed by them?

Those afflicted by physical Illness.

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Demons look for weak bodies as they are easier to control. A sick body has what is called Tama or negative energy, which demons thrive in. This makes the person an easy target to attack, especially if the illness is severe or prolonged.

Those plagued with a weak mind.

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Personality defects, or what is more commonly known as negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, and greed, weaken the mind and cloud judgment. This makes the person more vulnerable to attack because it easily matches the demon’s desires.

Those who aim for spirituality.

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Demons love terrorizing those who have devoted their lives to spiritual practice for society’s sake, in the hopes of discouraging them. They attack these persons with much more intensity, because their practice enhances the positive energy in the environment, making it harder for the demons to penetrate.

Those who are on a quest to find demons.

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When you actively seek out demons, chances are, they will present themselves to you. Haunted house visits, séances, ouija boards and the like are bound to strengthen the presence of these energies around you.

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