5 Known Haunted Places in Baguio

Baguio is a favorite amongst vacationers for its cool breeze and wonderful sights. But for many who seek a different kind of thrill, it is also a stomping ground for supernatural entities. Thinking of visiting for a good scare and a loud scream? Here are the province’s spine-chilling must-sees.

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Numerous accounts share stories about their stressful night at the inns, where guests experience vivid nightmares, odd disorienting events, and an eerie feeling that someone is watching you sleep. Still, other speak of a haunted school, and ghostly figures appearing every so often.

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(“Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City.JPG” by Ramiltibayan is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0)

Diplomat Hotel

A vacation house turned headquarters turned hotel, the structure bore witness to brutal World War II events -- torture, rape, bombing, beheading and the like. Although recently restored, it’s terrifying history follows visitors to the present day.

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(“The Cordilleras - Atok & Buguias” by Leocadio Sebastian licensed under CC BY 2.0)


Another place left devastated in history, Buguias was a site for fallen soldiers of World War II. Nightly, marching can be heard in the fields, as if the army was still there.

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Teachers Camp

Book your stay here for a night or two, and be ready to experience ghostly apparitions, poltergeists, and doppelgangers -- remnants of the Japanese and American occupation. Even taxi drivers avoid this route because of frequent paranormal sightings.

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South Drive (formerly Hyatt Hotel)

This once-majestic hotel was destroyed by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, killing thousands of employees and guests. A word of warning? Always honk your horn before passing through this now empty lot, as the souls trapped inside do not want to be disturbed.

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