How to Survive In A Haunted House

Are you a thrill seeker with a strange taste for the paranormal? If visiting haunted houses sounds right up your alley, just remember these do’s and don'ts to help you stay alive:


Don't stray from your group. There is strength (and safety) in numbers. Should you have members who suddenly get separated for any reason, always be wary of any deviant behaviour when they come back


Do resist the urge to follow strange sounds and look under beds or in closets. Avoid mirrors in particular, as these have proven time and time again to be portals for otherworldly presences. Move them to face the wall or cover them with cloth instead. Either way, be careful not to break them.


Do come prepared for power outages.  Bring candles, flashlights, and other light sources. Don't forget to pack a crucifix and a Bible, just in case.


Don’t be quick to ignore strange animal and insect behaviour -- a cat hissing and raising her haunches, a dog barking at something invisible, spider infestations -- these are telltale signs that you are not alone. Follow their cues and be alert.


Do watch out for unexplained smells as this marks the presence of “visitors”. The scent can be one that is overly sweet, sometimes putrid and pungent, and at other times alarming like the smell of something burning.

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