Third Eye vs. Charism

Spiritual gifts are often seen as malevolent and disturbing, but that’s only because we lack understanding on how they occur. There is a spectrum of spiritual phenomena out there, but let’s focus on a popular one that’s often misconstrued and another that’s less popular: the Third Eye and the Charism.

Many of us have a passing familiarity with the concept of a Third Eye, that it’s a skill some have that allows them to see and interact with supernatural beings. What is often overlooked, however, is how the Third Eye works with our five other senses, how it can be harnessed, and how it’s not a bad thing to use it.

There’s an abundance of energy and information in the universe, and while our brain wants to process all of it, our five senses are limited. This is where the Third Eye comes in. The Third Eye is basically a sixth sense that is hinged on your pineal body, a gland between the two hemispheres of your brain, which amplifies what you see, smell, taste, hear, and feel.

The Third Eye manifests in different ways, such as sensing people’s auras and seeing supernatural beings. Other times, it can be as subtle as having a hunch or having empathy.

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A related phenomenon is Charism. Where the Third Eye is about processing energy around you, Charism is about influencing those around you for a bigger cause. Charism is said to be “a gift from the Holy Spirit,” used for the good of the church.

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When we hear stories about religious founders starting their organizations or people getting their calling to join the church, that’s Charism in action. Many orders of the church are founded by singular people who have been granted Charism, and that one gift from the Holy Spirit has let them flourish and grow as a community.

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How do we know if we possess these spiritual gifts? Pause and reflect. They say it’s present in everyone, and that we just need to be open to using them and developing them.

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