What Does It Mean To Be Clairvoyant?

A clairvoyant is a person gifted with the supernatural ability to perceive things beyond normal sensory contact. Oftentimes, clairvoyance is associated with the likes of fortune tellers, oracles, telepathics, and prophets.

How do you know if you possess this special gift? Here are signs to watch out for.

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You have an ease with anything visual.

As clairvoyance naturally has to do with sight, activities that involve seeing come very easily to you. Navigating directions, envisioning ideas, and puzzle-solving are just some of them.

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You experience psychic flashes.

Do you often observe bursts of light and color around you? Constantly seeing glitters, orbs, a glowing halo around people could mean that you have clairvoyant abilities.

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You have a vivid imagination.

A strong sense of sight is sure to influence thoughts and the subconscious. Those gifted with clairvoyance create imaginary friends growing up, tend to have wild dreams, and become highly-creative individuals.

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You have an appreciation for the beauty of life.

You readily welcome a golden sunset, you might be very into practicing photography, or you are a big fan of fine art. The sense of sight is strongly tied to who you are as a person, allowing you to see everything in a better light.

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