Different Types Of Seances

Have you ever wanted to talk to the dead?

A séance is a gathering of people in order to reach out to the spiritual world, often to the souls of loved ones who have passed away. It comes from the French word meaning seat or session, and is most commonly done through a medium.

Mediums are people who possess a supernatural ability to connect and communicate with the dead. They receive information in different ways, thus the various types of séances.


Religious séance

More commonly known as “receiving messages” by Spiritualist churches, this type of séance is also seen in a similar religion called Espiritismo. Here, they call upon spirits of Catholic saints and their ancestors.


Leader-assisted séance

In a dark room, a small group of people will gather in a circular position. The medium will then serve as the “leader” who will communicate with the spirits, sometimes using other methods such as levitation and automatic writing.


Stage medium séance

Typically done in front of a huge crowd, the medium contacts the spirit of the dead and relays the messages to a big audience.


Spiritual séance

In this type of session, everyone gathered in the circle is welcome  to reach out to the spirit world and contact their loved ones.

"Creepy Halloween party with Ouija Board” by simpleinsomnia, licensed under CC BY 2.0

"Creepy Halloween party with Ouija Board” by simpleinsomnia, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Informal social séance

Done outside of religious practices and unsupervised by a medium, this kind of séance is usually associated with young people who are trying to acquaint themselves with the paranormal realm. They may use this session to test the waters, and often use a Ouija board to perform the ritual.

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