What Does It Mean to Be Clairsentient?

Have you ever cared to make sense of your inklings and gut feelings? Do you experience presence and energy on a different level? You must be a clairsentient.

Clairsentience is the amazing ability to receive psychic information through your senses, and feel vibrations from beyond the physical plane. More than simple touch, it’s a fully heart-and-body experience that allows you to perceive, feel, and understand energy around you.

As with all psychic abilities, anyone can learn to develop a steady and reliable clairsentience. But how do you know if you possess this special gift in the first place? Here are 5 indications to watch out for.

You are hypersensitive.

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This applies to you on both a physical and spiritual level. Somehow, you can feel when there is a presence around you -- whether good or bad. It might feel uplifting and joyful like angels, or eerie and suffocating like demons.

You experience unexplained sensations.

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You may notice the slightest change in temperature, or feel a light breeze without a source. You get a strange sense of being tapped on the shoulder, your hair flipped, or your hand held without anyone being there. Tingly sensations bring you to a full alertness for no apparent reason.

You read people with ease.

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It’s almost a talent. You develop strong initial impressions of everyone you meet, which almost always, prove to be spot-on. You are extremely empathetic -- has immediate understanding of perspectives and instantly relating to others’ feelings.

You pick up vibes and energies from your surroundings.

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You have the tendency to describe spaces as “heavy” or “light”. Large crowds overwhelm you, while laidback surroundings energize you.

Your intuition is like no other.

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You treat your gut as the ultimate truth detector -- you know when someone is lying or telling the truth. Strong hunches are accompanied by goosebumps and chills as a sort of validation.

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