What is a demonic possession?

Some say demonic possessions are wronged spirits seeking revenge. Others say it’s a test of faith given to a person going through a moral conflict. All we know is that it’s downright terrifying.

Demons are fallen angels. Out of jealousy and hatred for humans, they are very eager to corrupt and hungry to torment. But in order to carry out their diabolical plans on Earth, they first need to take on a human or animal form as to go unnoticed. In some extreme cases, a demon may attempt to possess a person’s very soul ---a feat considered a big victory in Hell.

Demons usually prey on humans who have weak minds and little power.

How does a demonic possession happen?

Sleepless nights.


A demon attacks the subconscious first. They may enter into your dreams as vivid nightmares, until sleep becomes the farthest thing from your mind. Odd behavior may also start to manifest like an alternate personality.

Hellish Daydreams.


As the mind weakens, it becomes more vulnerable to paranormal attacks. A victim may start to see haunting visions even when wide awake, and start to experience blackouts. He or she is pushed back more and more into the subconscious, eventually becoming a helpless spectator inside their own body.

Facial and bodily contortions.


Finally, the demon gains full possession of the human mind. In this stage, the victim’s eyes glow a variety of eerie colors, and convulsions that mutate the face and body into inhuman angles.

The demon is now 100% in control.  Look around, one might be walking amongst you at this very moment.

Is anyone you know showing signs of a demonic possession?

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Source: http://mysticinvestigations.com/paranormal/demonic-possession/

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