How to Become an Exorcist

Ever dreamt of saving an ill-fated family from a demon, or a poor child afflicted by sinister forces? Think again, cos it’s not as easy as it looks. Before you go all out on your Constantine fantasy, here are some things to consider on the road to becoming an exorcist.

First, you have to be a priest.


Yes, that means the whole shebang of realizing your calling, attending the seminary, getting ordained as a deacon, and seeking the approval of a bishop. Then you might just have a chance.

You have to be part of the International Association of Exorcists.


You heard that right. This holy group was founded in 1993 by Father Gabriele Amorth, who is the official exorcist of Vatican City. Every 2 years they gather in secret to increase the number of official exorcists worldwide.

You have to take up an intensive course on exorcism.


In order to gain better understanding of evil spirits and how to cast them away, Catholic priests can sign up for a 2-month course at the Vatican-backed college, the Athenaeum Pontificium Regina Apostolorum in Rome.

You must have an unwavering faith in God.

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  According to Father Giulio Savoldi, Milan's official exorcist, a man suited for this job “should know how to gather strength not just from within himself but from God." As with any priest, he should be a holy man who lives a blameless life, with the power to discern between illness and possession, science and religion, faith and superstition.


You have to be ready for it, but not want it.

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Mary Chasteen, the right-hand-lady to Father Vincent Lampert, Exorcist of the Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis, says that apart from the grueling path to become an exorcist, you shouldn’t really want the position in the first place. “It’s sort of like being an emergency room nurse — you’re skilled, you can go in, you know you can do it, you’re willing to do it, but nobody wants the carnage. Because it’s very painful. You see people at their worst. It’s excruciating to watch. There are usually a lot of painful things in the person’s past. I think a lot of people sort of glamorize it.”

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