What Do Demons Want From Us?

We are often told that all things in nature have a purpose, from the smallest  to the biggest whales, we all have a role to play. But seldom do we ask—what is the purpose of demons? More specifically, what do they want from us?

Knowing these factors might help us in understanding demons better, and ultimately, fighting them off.

To seek revenge.


]If a human dies at the hands of another, there is a high possibility that the spirit of the murdered will linger for vengeance. These can be one-time events that cause the death of their killer, or long drawn-out scenarios for the full torturous effect, sometimes even extending to the killer’s children and grandchildren. And because the demon is no longer concerned with keeping a livelihood, maintaining relationships, and having a role in this world, all its energy is directed towards causing pain for those who have wronged him or her.

To satisfy their cravings and desires.


Because they don’t have a physical body, some demons possess humans to satisfy their own desires. They seek humans who share a similar craving in order to make the possession easier, otherwise they’ll have to work on the human’s psyche for years to combat their natural resistance.

To torment seekers of God.


When people start their spiritual practice and seek God, the natural component of positivity called Sattva rises, which strengthens the resistance towards ungodly creatures. This causes distress for demons who are made of Tama, the negative component in nature, and so they attack to try and outweigh the positivity with negativity.

To find pleasure.


Most malevolent of the reasons why demons are present around us is that they just feel like it. Sometimes, demons only do the biddings of more powerful demons, but when they realize the pleasure that tormenting others bring them, they engage more actively in doing it just for fun. They take pleasure in causing humans pain and torment, and over time, they increase their attacks and start trouble indiscriminately.

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Souce: https://www.spiritualresearchfoundation.org/spiritual-research/ghosts/what-do-demons-want/

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