Where Do Demons Live?

In most religions, there is always a version of Hell — that one place where the Devil and all demons and negative entities reside. It’s always painted to be this dark, fiery realm, with different parts and regions. In many cases, Hell is understood to be where all demons are, but the many cases of possessions and hauntings in the physical world prove otherwise. So where do they actually live?

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They’re actually here on Earth, among living beings. It is believed that there are several regions in existence; the subtle, comprised of the planes of heaven and the regions of hell, and the physical, which is our world. Demons live in the regions of hell and can easily travel to our physical world, but never to Heaven.

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It’s important to remember that demons are the angels who rebelled against God and were expelled from Heaven, and that is why they roam our world. They can also be the spirits of humans who have lived a sinful life or died with evil in their heart. They are bitter and enraged, thus creating chaos among humans. But having no physical forms, demons need to create centers in physical things to be able to exert their will. Centers are essentially a focal point in a human, animal, or even inanimate object where demons can enter and reside.

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A well-known example of demons making their presence known is human possessions, which is when they create centers of entry in a living person. Animals and plants can also be possessed by demons, thus tales of demon boars and dogs in the provinces and the urban legend of ghosts inhabiting Balete trees. Demons can also be around general areas and not just specific things, which explains haunted houses, buildings, and even highways.

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