How To Become A Paranormal Investigator

Looking for a change in scenery? A dip into the spiritual world might just be your cup of tea. Check out these tips in pursuing this unique interest.

Know the difference.


Do you want to be a ghosthunter who is simply looking for a thrill, or a paranormal investigator who is more concerned about gathering credible evidence on the existence of paranormal phenomena? Deciding this will help gauge the equipment you need, and the refinement required in your search.

Read up.


Educate yourself through findings and studies by various published parapsychologists. This body of research will help you familiarize with the field faster than anything on TV will.

Establish protocols.


Keep a log of all your observations. Make it a habit to review your data at least twice, take note of time stamps, apply critical thinking, and adjust systems accordingly as you move along.

Understand your equipment.


Stick with the classics. Your mastery of these tools make a world of difference, compared to newer ones that are being made to accommodate the growing ghost hunting market. Exercise caution with new equipment.

Always be prepared.


Know the history of the location you're about to enter. Conduct interviews with key people, and schedule your investigation at the reported time that the disturbances usually occur. Gather as much data as you can to better aid yourself for the real visit.

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