How To Open Your Senses

Interested in becoming a psychic? Here are a few ways to heighten your senses, and unlock this special gift.

Do visualization exercises.


Master your ability to call an image to mind. Observe a flower until you can picture it fully in your head. Study a person's face and see if you can recall the exact details when you close your eyes.

Try your hand at psychometry.


Psychometry, or the art of reading energies and auras, is one of the many abilities that a psychic possesses. Hold objects of value (particularly metals), visit antique stores, look at old family photos, or mentally connect with a friend or a pet. See if you can grasp at their histories and feel out their vibe.

Develop your clairaudience (psychic hearing)


Close your eyes, steady your breathing, and just listen to your surroundings. Centering yourself on the sounds around you helps sharpen your auditory senses, and develops your clairaudience further.

Join a spirit development circle.


Go on and meet other psychics and mediums. Exposure leads to more learning, and the support you can get with people of the same interest can be truly beneficial in honing your psychic skills.

Keep your vibration high


Living a joyful and authentic life allows you to stay connected to the divine. Constant prayer and meditation, a healthy diet, even a close circle of well-loved friends keep you tuned into yourself and your energy.

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