5 Things You Need To Keep Your House Demon-Free

Evil energies are always around us, influencing our lives more than we think. It enters our minds, our actions, and even our homes. How do we prevent these sinister forces from invading our spaces? Here a few fool-proof ways.

Bless your home.

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Banish the spirits that might be inhabiting in your very own house. Experts recommend extra virgin olive oil, or in some cases, kosher grape juice (reminiscent of the blood of Christ). These liquids are blessed by the Holy Spirit, and are splashed into each room while scriptures are read out loud. The more fitting the passage, the better.

Get rid of possible tainted or cursed items.

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It is believed that items may pull in uninvited entities, simply by the aura it contains. Items such as drugs, secret society items, Ouija boards, witchcraft accessories are to be thrown out or avoided. Even movie star posters are sometimes discouraged, with a theory that spirits may form unholy ties to the person on the poster, and in some cases make the owner suffer a same fate.

Create a climate of God’s presence.

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The devil feeds off an atmosphere of sin and adversity, and fight to control the culture of our lives. It’s important to counter this by sustaining a climate of praise and gratitude. The more positive energy is put out, the stronger shield it creates, making it impossible for negative energies to penetrate.

Be discerning of what you bring into your home

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Whether it’s people or things, be cautious of what enters your personal premises. Take extra care in dealing with antique and secondhand items, or welcoming strangers. Sense their auras beforehand, and discern with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Fight spirit with spirit.

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Don’t estimate the power of prayer, because that will first and foremost be your weapon of defense. Draw strength from within, and let your spirituality guide you all throughout.

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