5 Creepy Things People Experienced At 3 AM

We often call it witching hour or the devil’s hour because there’s something about 3 AM that is just so sinister. See how these eerie stories prove our point.


A husband and wife are in bed when in the middle of the night, they hear a nearby lamp shatter. Too sleepy to do anything about it, they decide to clean up the mess the next day. In the morning, they find the lamp perfectly intact.


It all started when a 9-year-old sensed someone following her inside her grandma’s house. At 3 AM she would hear whispers and cracking noises, and sometimes her bedroom door would open by itself.


Every 3 AM, a child would hear footsteps making its way around the house, always stopping right before the bedroom doorway. But one night, a shadowy figure appeared, looked at the child for a few seconds, and then walked away.


On the anniversary of her mom’s death sleep, a woman wakes up at 3 AM. The phone starts ringing for the next hour and a half, and she would hear someone trying to talk, but with a voice that seemed out of this world.


A boy wakes up and finds himself staring outside his neighbor’s window. He sees the sensor light turn on and off, indicating someone was there but there were no shadows or movement anywhere.

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