5 Haunting Experiences of Demonic Possession

Being an exorcist is never easy. Check out these terrifying accounts of demonic possessions.

1. In the middle of the priests' prayers, the victim entered a trance-like state, then immediately snapped back to life. She started speaking in multiple voices: one deep and masculine, one high-pitched, and a third in pure Latin. She screamed in pain as holy water was sprinkled on her, and spewed out a bone-chilling threat: "Stop, you whores. You'll be sorry."


2. As she was being exorcised, a 90-pound woman threw a 200-pound Lutheran deacon across the room. One priest said, "That's not psychiatry. That's beyond psychiatry."


3. A woman was asked to be examined by a priest and a family therapist, following behavior of a seemingly possessed person. After several months of unsuccessful treatment, they decided to let the case go. However, after each session with the victim, the priest would experience blinking lights, photos and art pieces sliding off shelves, and a constant piercing headache in his own house. Mentioning this to his colleague, he was surprised to know that she had been experiencing the same thing.


4. A woman, who introduced herself as part of a cult, was convinced that a demon was attacking her. During her exorcism, objects flew off the shelves. She would divulge personal information about the priests that were impossible for her to know. Her demonic voices could be heard over the phone, even when she was nowhere near it.  


5. On his infamous killing spree, David Berkowitz would attribute numerous deaths to a mysterious "Papa Sam" whom he referenced in notes left at the crime scenes. Soon it was revealed that "Sam" was a dog, whom Berkowitz believed to be possessed by a 6,000-year old man. Through the dog, the evil spirit commanded Berkowitz to kill, and told him of its intention to evolve into a complete demonic state one day.


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Rev. Fr. Jeffrey Quintela, (Chief Liturgist of the Diocese of Antipolo)

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