5 Cursed Places Around The World

Hexed by angered spirits or mischievous folk, these places leave visitors doomed with misfortune. Care to visit any of these on your next trip?

Hoia Baciu Forest, Transylvania


Here in the most haunted forest in the world, visitors report being overpowered by intense feelings of anxiety and a constant sense of being watched. It is also the site of many unexplained apparitions, ghost sightings, random faces appearing in photographs, and UFOs.

Patrick Hamilton’s Death Mark


Located in St. Andrew’s University in Scotland, the initials P.H. mark the spot where Hamilton was burned at the stake in 1500s. It has become urban legend that anyone who steps on this mark will fail their exams. Thus, graduate students proudly stand atop it as a symbol of overcoming this curse.

Bodie Town


Originally an attempt to stop the stealing of artifacts in the California ghost town, “The Bodie Curse” seemed to have become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Hundreds of apology letters have been sent back with the stolen items, hoping to reverse the bad luck that came with them.

Romblon Triangle


Tagged as the Bermuda Triangle of the Philippines, this small region has borne witness to many mysterious deaths, sinking massive ships and claiming thousands of lives throughout the years. Locals talk of a phantom ship that roams the seas every night, captained by a ghost named Lolo Amang.

Aokigahara Forest


One of the world’s most popular places to die, this notorious spot in Japan has earned the unfortunate name of Suicide Forest due to the high body count discovered within its premises every year. Many who have wandered in no longer come out, and it is said that these souls inhabit the trees and increase the paranormal activity in the area.

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