6 Types of Extraordinary Demonic Attacks

Catholic exorcists termed these Satanic influences as “ordinary” and “extraordinary”. Ordinary refers to everyday temptations and mundane activities. Extraordinary, on the other hand, are much more sinister.

Extraordinary demonic attacks present themselves in 6 different ways, and range in severity of control:


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This is when a person willingly submits to Satan and his demons, displaying acts of worship and voluntarily carrying out diabolical plans.


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This kind of torment is brought about by a series of misfortunes such as a failing business, broken family, or illness.


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Demons attack by clouding a person’s subconscious with irrational thoughts, often about suicide and hurting other people.

External Physical Pain

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These are cases of poltergeists and other harm-inflicting entities that violently attack people.


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This refers to the phenomenon that affects spaces, with the presence of an unusual number of insects and animals causing damage or disease.


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Without knowledge or consent, the devil fully takes over a person’s body. Manifestations of superhuman strength, speaking in tongues, blasphemous rage, and revelation of distant and hidden knowledge may take place here.

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